Friendly Faces :)

The People Behind the Smiles.


Aimee Hess - office manager

Coke or Pepsi? Coke Zero.                                   Spicy or Mild? SPICY!

Cat or Dog? Both!! All!                                         Winter or Summer? Summer.

Spender or Saver? Spender. Too much.               Facebook or Instagram? Facebook.

Jessica Thompson - Treatment Coordinator

Lake or Ocean? Lake.                                    Cake or Pie? Pie.

Bling or Flowers? Both!!                               Early Bird or Night Owl? Early bird.

Silver or Gold? Gold.                                    Spender or Saver? Spender. But I should be a saver!

Hannah Mitchell - Patient Coordinator

Coffee or Tea? Coffee x 10.                            Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owl for sure.

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram.             Bling or Flowers? Couldn't decide!

Summer or Winter? Both.                              Lake or Ocean? Ocean.

Susy Moore - orthodontic Assistant

Night in or Night out? Night out.                    iPhone or Android? Android.

Manicure or Pedicure? Both!                           Early bird or Night owl? Early bird.

Salad or Fries? Salad.                                         Spender or Saver? Saver.

Scarlett drake - Orthodontic Assistant

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.                    Lake or Ocean? Lake.

Cash or Card? Card.                                         Silver or Gold? Silver.

Winter or Summer? Winter.                            Cat or Dog? Dog.

Shellsea Walton - orthodontic Assistant

Bling or Flowers? Bling.                                   Facebook or Instagram? Facebook.             

iPhone or Android? iPhone.                            Salty or Sweet? Sweet.

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi.                                        Night in or Night out? Night in.

Ingrid Munos - Orthodontic Assistant