Why Orthodontics?

When is the right time?

It's best for the orthodontist to see children by age 7 to determine whether orthodontic treatment is required, and whether treatment should begin right away or should wait until the child is older.

Treatment is not usually started at age 8 unless severe problems exist which will affect the way the teeth or jaws grow. Such problems include “crossbites”, “underbites”, impacted teeth, and habits such as thumb sucking. In such cases of severe problems, treating them early can help avoid future problems. One other reason we may start treatment early is to help a child’s self-esteem if the crookedness of the teeth is a cause of psychological stress.

However, in many cases it is better to wait to begin treatment until all of the baby teeth are lost. In that case we will see you again for yearly check-ups until you are ready to begin. Remember that consultations and yearly check-ups are free of charge.

When children and teens are ready to begin, we have a wide variety of fun treatment options for them. We have eliminated the use of un-esthetic appliances like headgear. The majority of appliances we use to correct your teeth are much more comfortable, and can be customized to your preferences!

Its never too late.

It is never too late to straighten your teeth with orthodontics! In our office, about 25% of our patients are adults. We have treated patients well into their late sixties and early seventies.

Of course, treatment is quickest in children and teenagers, and that is why we recommend treating early, if possible. However, for those adults who are unhappy with their smile and alignment, it is definitely possible (and recommended!) that they see us for a consultation to determine what would be needed for treatment.

For those adults who wish they could straighten their teeth but don’t want to wear any visible braces, we have several esthetic options available. We offer invisible aligners, Invisalign, clear or tooth colored braces, and clear retainers.